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Why You Should Consider Learning the Guitar as Your First Instrument

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Have you been thinking of starting to learn a new instrument but just can’t decide which one to take up? With so many choices, deciding on an instrument is one of the most difficult tasks that you have to do even before beginning your music learning journey!


You might’ve considered guitar as a very popular option. Or you may have even had a look around for some guitar classes in Adelaide! Either way, today we’re going to show you a number of reasons why you should learn guitar as a beginner in the world of music.


This article is brought to you through collaboration with the Kia Music Academy guitar teachers in Adelaide, who’ve compacted years of experience and knowledge into a fun to read article for our dear readers.


Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Why guitar is the best beginner instrument




The first and most important reason why guitars are a great instrument to begin with is their exclusive affordability, especially in comparison to other instruments. Look at a piano for example, your minimum budget for one has to be at least $1K-$1.5K! That’s a great amount to guitars which range all the way from below a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.


Its important however to note that whilst there is a wide range of guitar prices, you should never compromise heavily on quality due to price, because the guitar will not last you enough time before issues arise and you’re on the hunt again.


Usually the price of good quality and affordable guitars range between $300-$600, and of course higher up if you’re looking for something with more quality.


Our affordable guitar lessons in Adelaide also complement this by making the whole process much more affordable and therefore enjoyable for you! You can learn more about the price of our guitar lessons on our recent post: How much do guitar lessons cost in Adelaide?


Or we suggest that you skip the hassle and get your FREE introductory lesson now!


Easily moveable


If you’re keen on showing your new skill to friends and family, or even taking your instrument out for a gig or to have some fun on your own, then a guitar is perfect for you!


Guitars are amongst the most easily moveable instruments out there. Place it in a secure bag and you can take it anywhere in the world with you!


Imagine trying to take a piano to your next family gathering!




Being easy to move is one benefit, but also being space efficient and low maintenance are other great ones! A guitar takes very little space regardless of whether it’s on a stand or in its case. You can even use the guitar on a stand as a part of the decoration of your house, which we totally recommend by the way!


Guitars are very low maintenance, only needing a string change every few months and perhaps a professional clean once a year or two, depending on how frequently you play and take your guitar out.




As well as being affordable and very convenient, we can’t forget to mention that guitars are a globally famous instrument! Name a song or a music video which doesn’t feature a guitar…you’ll struggle to!


Everyone loves that one person who can bring their guitar to gatherings and set the mood of the night by playing popular pieces and strumming along.


Gateway to social opportunities


If you’re a social person, then you’ll fall in love with not only the guitar, but also the community who is involved! Our community if full of professional guitar students and guitar teachers in Adelaide, all of whom bong over their love for this instrument.


The South Australian Youth Guitar Ensemble (SAYGE) is a great example of a guitar community right here in Adelaide, where teachers and students get the chance to connect, as well as students being able to belong to a community of likeminded and talented musicians.


guitar learning


SAYGE performing at the Art Gallery – Christmas Events 2022

Career/side hobby potential


A side benefit of learning any musical instrument which not many people talk about is the great potential for making income out of your skill. Even as a side hobby, playing at a few gigs here and there are a great way to not only boost up your income a little, but also to gain immense experience and insight into the professional world of music and performance.


This is your sign to start learning guitar


We can conclude that there are a lot of benefits which come with playing the guitar, making it a perfect beginner’s choice. Not to mention that when you do begin you will most definitely fall in love with this great instrument and take it to professional heights!


If this sounds like you, then Kia Music Academy is the perfect place for you. Our professional and experienced guitar teachers in Adelaide offer:


  • Private/group guitar classes in Adelaide
  • Specialized electric guitar lessons in Adelaide
  • Professional acoustic/classical guitar lessons in Adelaide
  • Online availability for all lessons and styles mentioned


Do not miss this opportunity to claim your first lesson now 100% for free and start your guitar journey one which will enlighten your life!

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