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The Best Private Trombone Lessons in Adelaide

The Best Private Trombone Lessons in Adelaide

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For a limited time, you can try your first trombone lesson in Adelaide for FREE! No twist added! In this lesson we’ll identify where you’re standing and go through your musical goals and how we’re going to reach them. Even if you don’t want to  learn with us, that’s fine, but don’t miss this golden oppurtunity!

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Looking To Become The Next Trombone Maestro?

3 Simple Steps To Mastering Trombone

Theoretical knowledge is the pillar of your musical journey and determines your success largely.
Not even the most knowledgeable players have any value if they lack emotion and feeling!
The secret ingredient which makes everything work out is purely putting in the hours.

What People Say

I have spent a considerable amount of time in search for a music academy that offers trombone lessons in Adelaide, and found no success in the early stages. Thanks to Kia's huidance I was able to be matched with a skillful tutor and pick the trombone up ocne again, now playing better than I ever have before. I recommend Kia Music Academy as my top choice especially due to the teacher's responsiveness and the way the lessons are planned which makes the learning much more efficient
Amanda Lee
Yianni Karpathakis
My 13 year old son has now been getting private trombone lessons with one of the great teachers at Kia Music Academy for just over a year, and the progress has been significantly more in cmparison to his last tutor. I feel that the relationship between my son and his tutor is much more relaxed and the friendly enviroment allows him to let his gaurd down to get into the flow of learning. Totally recommend Kia Music Academy if you are looking for a skilled and friendly Trombone tutor.
Adam Cheise
Julia Rayner
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your goals, your lesson could be either 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. We recommend for most people to start with 30 minutes as this is a good amount of time to cover content with focus.
With the correct mindset and mental frame you can learn trombone or any other isntrument like a piece of cake. The most important thing is to stay consistent and have both short and long term goals in mind to keep yourself on track.
The best thing about trombone is that you can play it with most other insrtuments! Trombones are great in big bands, jazz bands, with guitars, double basses, or solo!
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Thinking of another instrument?

Of course trombone may not be for everyone, but music sure is! Take a look at other instruments we teach and find your one!