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For a limited time, you can try your first music theory lesson in Adelaide for FREE! No twist added! In this lesson we’ll identify where you’re standing and go through your musical goals and how we’re going to reach them. Even if you don’t want to  learn with us, that’s fine, but don’t miss this golden oppurtunity!

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Is Music Theory Even That Important?

Is Music Theory Even That Important?

Learning music theory is essential for becoming a proficient musician as it provides the foundational knowledge necessary to understand the language of music. By grasping concepts such as rhythm, harmony, melody, and form, musicians gain a deeper understanding of how music works, allowing them to interpret and perform pieces with greater accuracy and expression. Moreover, music theory equips musicians with the tools to compose their own music, enabling them to translate their creative ideas into tangible pieces.

What People Say

I never knew how much taking theory lessons would help me develop as a musician and as a player. I'd been playing guitar for 3 years, however only read tabs and had no knowledge of any theory. I spent some time looking for a music theory class in Adelaide until I got in touch with Kia and we started doing fortnightly theory lessons. I am extremely happy with the results, as all my new learnings are applicable to my guitar playing. I can also write songs if I wish to now, which is really amazing.
Amanda Lee
Juan Mccallum
I've always wanted to deepen my understanding of music theory, so I started looking for music theory lessons near me. That's when I stumbled upon Kia Music Academy, and it's been a game-changer. The instructor is fantastic – patient, knowledgeable, and passionate about teaching. They really break down the concepts in a way that's easy to grasp. Plus, having lessons close to home is so convenient. If you're looking to level up your music theory skills, I highly recommend checking out Kia Music Academy.
Adam Cheise
Joanne Harris
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your current theoretical understanding things may differ for each person, however we strongly recommend building a solid theoretical foundation ESPECIALLY if you are playing an instrument. It will help you with improvisation, composition, and overall becoming a better musician!
The best choice is to first choose an instrument you would like to learn and then appraoch all your theoretical learnings with that instrument in mind. With that being said, there is still no problem with starting out purely on theory!
Of course you can, infact, we think this is the PERFECT choice! Combin your music theory class with your learnings on the instrument, and your progress will be zooming at 2x normal speed!
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Want To Apply Your Learnings On The Job?

There is no better way of learning other than applying what you are learning practically…so go ahead and explore our range of music lessons in Adelaide including piano, drums, and many more instruments!