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For a limited time, you can try your first trumpet lesson in Adelaide for FREE! No twist added! In this lesson we’ll identify where you’re standing and go through your musical goals and how we’re going to reach them. Even if you don’t want to  learn with us, that’s fine, but don’t miss this golden oppurtunity!

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You Need ONLY 3 Foundations To Master The Trumpet Effortlessly

Top 3 Foundations To Master The Trumpet

Musical theory is the base to any trumpet players journey, so build it from day 1.

A player with no emotion is no different to a robot. Connect with the music…

Nothing is possible without consistency and hard work…so get those hours in!

What People Say

After struggling to make progress with my trumpet playing on my own, I finally decided to invest in private trumpet lessons. I found the perfect instructor at Kia Music Academy who offers personalized one-on-one sessions. Their attention to detail and tailored approach have made all the difference in my learning journey. With their guidance, I've seen significant improvement in my technique and musicality. The convenience of private lessons allows me to progress at my own pace, and I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling. If you're serious about mastering the trumpet, I highly recommend enrolling in private lessons at Kia Music Academy.
Amanda Lee
Lauren Bailey
I've always been fascinated by the soulful sounds of jazz trumpet, so I decided to delve deeper and take some jazz trumpet lessons. I found an incredible instructor at Kia Music Academy who specializes in jazz trumpet. From the first lesson, I was blown away by their expertise and passion for the genre. They've been instrumental in expanding my repertoire and honing my improvisational skills. Each lesson feels like a journey into the heart of jazz, and I couldn't be happier with my progress. If you're looking to explore the world of jazz trumpet, look no further than Kia Music Academy.
Adam Cheise
Victor Brown
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer a range of lessons for all level players. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced trumpet lessons are all something we proudly offer!
A common misconception is that trumpet equals to jazz…which is NOT true! Trumpets are great in other genres including classical, pop, reggae, rock, and even sometimes metal music! Most importantly, we will find out together what genre fits your goals best.
Expect progress and fun, a lot of it! Our classes are designed pesonally to meet your musical goals while enjoying every bit of the process.
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