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How Do I Find the Right Music Teacher? Here are 6 Signs to Know You’ve Found a Great Teacher

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You might’ve just decided on taking up music as a habit, or you may even want to pursue music as a professional career. Regardless of your end goal, your music teacher plays a significant role in how your journey will be. Learning music is great in many aspects, however you must be careful when choosing your music teacher, as this factor will determine a lot of things right from the beginning.


Today we’ve taken our years of experience with teaching music lessons in Australia and the rest of the world and brought to you the top 6 signs which tell you that you’ve found the perfect music teacher!


Follow this guide when choosing your music teacher and set yourself up for a journey full of fun and success!


6 Signs that you’ve found the right teacher


They have qualifications


The first and most important thing to look for in your potential music teacher is at least a few qualifications which they’ve gained in the past. Don’t get mistaken, you can’t judge a book by its cover at all. A music teacher without any certificates might be very good too, but most of the time that’s not the case.


Qualifications are a good baseline to start, even if they’re not university degrees. A good qualification to look for when choosing a music academy in Australia is AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) certificates, which are used as a musical standard in Australia.


They take a personalized learning approach


As a student at Kia Music Academy has said, “music teaching shouldn’t be like factory work, you can’t apply the same method to everyone. The teacher needs to take things up with consideration of each student’s specific needs”.


This is exactly where most music institutes and teacher fail. Taking a “factory like approach” as our student said most of the time doesn’t yield much results. However, with a personalized and custom learning approach your success rates will be much higher.


Look for a teacher who is willing to alter the plan to your needs and take things at your speed.


Punctual & organized


Something which is an obvious base level quality in any teacher is the ability to be punctual and organized. There’s not much to explain here, but keep in mind that al the general rules still apply. Your teacher should always be on time and should always have lesson material and resources organized beforehand, saving you from wasting precious lesson time.


This may sound like a very elementary consideration, but you’d be surprised to see how many people overlook these factors and end up with a teacher who can’t even show up on time!


Positive environment and learning approach


It may take 1 or 2 lessons for you to get to know your teacher a little bit, however it’s important to asses how well you and your music teacher can get along and work together, as this relationship will have a large impact on your learning journey too.


Generally, a teacher whose kind, positive, and relaxed will provide you with the best environment for learning at your maximum capacity. Avoid teachers who get frustrated easily, have a pessimistic view, and are tense and cold. You may be able to ignore negative traits for a few lessons or even a while, but in the long term this issue will catch up to you.


Performance & community opportunities


Your teacher may be very well at teaching you the instrument, but can they also introduce you to a community of others like you? Will you get the opportunity to perform frequently and be a part of a musician community?


The teachers at Kia Music Academy don’t just provide music lessons in Adelaide and Australia. Our community has a network of hundreds of musicians, giving you the perfect chance to connect, perform, and progress through your journey as a part of our community.


Good communication


To finish off with our last point, communication is another factor which either makes a great or terrible music teacher. Cancellations, changes, and anything else should be communicated well in advance, making both you and your teachers’ life much easier.


Regardless of how you and your teacher choose to communicate, everything should be planned ahead and communicated, minimizing trouble for the both of you.


The perfect music teachers for you


Now you know the top 6 qualities of a great music teacher, all there’s left to do is find someone with these traits and get started.


This is where Kia Music Academy can help you achieve new musical heights. Our music academy in Australia offers:



Get in touch today to book your FREE introductory lesson and kick of a start to a journey full of fun and success! We’re waiting for you.

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