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What Does the Future of Drumming Look Like?

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Just like many other drummers, with the latest technologies of 2023, you might also be wondering what the future of the drumming world has in stock. If this sounds like you, then this article is the perfect place for you to be.


In this article we’re going to be talking about what the future of drumming has coming for us, and how you can make the most out of it and become the best drummer version of yourself!

The future of acoustic drumming


drum set


An acoustic drum set is arguably the most important and authentic type of drum there is, dating back to hundreds of years ago as the oldest and original form of drumming. One of the best parts of acoustic drumming is the visual and physical aspects of an acoustic drum set which make it so live and exciting.


Especially in styles such as jazz music, it is very difficult to imitate or replace the effect of a real drumkit.


Whilst an acoustic drum set is unlikely to be completely replaced anytime in the near future, we have to give some credit to the developing technology which has made it possible to enjoy the luxuries of an acoustic kit without the hassles of space, sound, and sometimes even price!


With this being said, no matter how developed drumming technology does become, the range, tone and physical touch of the acoustic drum set is something which cannot be replaced…hopefully that is!


Hybrid Drumming


Something which may be of interest to many fellow drummers out there is the concept of Hybrid drumming, a mix of classic acoustic and electronic drumming.


Although electronic elements do add a lot to the classic drumming, having a mix of electronic elements and an acoustic kit is always the way to the heart of the audience. This is especially due to the visual presence and “cool” feeling of the acoustic kit, which never fails to swoop the audience off their feet!


When you put electronic and acoustic drumming hand in hand, be sure that you’re capable of creating some amazing music with elements from both worlds.


If you want to explore acoustic, hybrid, or even electric drumming, don’t miss the golden opportunity for your free drum lessons in Adelaide. We want to give you a chance to get a taste of each field before you make a final decision, which is why we’ve decided to gift you a free first lesson on behalf of Kia Music Academy. Click here to book now!


Drumming and AI



With the recent boom of artificial intelligence, the drumming world has also been under the influence of mind blowing brand new concepts, possibly creating future danger for human drummers.


With the recent release of OpenAI’s GPT-3 (which can be used for free by the way), we’ve seen how quickly AI is able to create hundreds of drumbeats, potentially meaning danger for our human drummers in the future!


With this being said however, whilst we can predict the future of AI, something which AI cannot do at the moment is play with emotion and humanlike. Yes, AI may be great for a drumbeat in a song, however as far as live performances go, artificial intelligence is yet to be capable of replacing the real human feelings and emotions which go into the music.


The future of drum lessons in Adelaide


As far as we’ve seen, the people of Adelaide always love new development and quickly wrap their heads around the latest trends, especially when it comes to music.


As for the future of drumming in Adelaide, we believe that there will be a creative mix of the classic acoustic drumming, hybrid drumming, electronic drumming, and even drumming with AI in not too many years!


With this being said, Kia Music Academy will also keep adapting to the latest and newest trends, providing you with a drum teacher in Adelaide who will keep you up to date and knowledgeable of the past, current, and future of the drumming world.


Once again before we let you go, don’t forget to book your first lesson for free by clicking here!


Good luck, and of course happy drumming!

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