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Five Benefits Of Learning A Musical Instrument

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Are you considering taking up a new hobby this summer? Or perhaps enrolling your children in some classes that would benefit them? Either way, music is one hobby, skill, and ability which you should definitely put at the top of your list.


Playing an instrument is not only a great way to impress your friends and family, but also benefits you in numerous ways that we assure you probably didn’t have a clue about!


Today we’re going to tell you about the top 5 benefits of learning a musical instrument, regardless of your age, gender, musical ability, or anything else!


Before we begin we should inform you that Kia Music Academy proudly offers music lessons  Adelaide and Australia, providing you with the opportunity to benefit directly from the points which we’ll be discussing today.


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Music builds discipline & responsibility


Before anything, you should know that learning music is a big commitment! “The whole world leans against music practise” says one of our students at Kia Music Academy!


What does this mean? The phrase is meant in its literal meaning! Once you begin learning instrument, the rest of your life and routine leans against music practise. Stop practising, and everything else will crumble down too!


Although it may sound scary, the importance of practising music strengthens your sense of responsibility towards your practise each day; and definitely helps you become a much more disciplined version of yourself over time.


After a few times of not practising and getting the butterflies before your lesson, your mind and body will automatically feel the responsibility they have for practising, even if it’s a little bit each day!


Music will increase your confidence


Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the skill of playing, since its something not many people can do confidently! Once you begin to progress in your musical journey, as your ability increases so will your self esteem and confidence.



Knowing that you have the magic touch of creating harmonies with your hands will increase your confidence by a considerable amount!


This is also a great benefit of learning music for kids especially, as it helps bring them out of their little shy bubble and ensures they develop a confident personality.


Music enhances the brain!


If you want to build muscles, what do you do? You go to the gym, right? That’s right, so if the gym strengthens your body, then what strengthens your brain? Reading and learning new information are a few, but one of the best workouts for your brain is learning to play music!


Many studies have tracked individuals who learnt an instrument over a period of time, and to your surprise what did they find? A life changing amount of development in the participants brain and cognition system!


Some common benefits of learning music include an improvement in:


  • Coordination kills
  • Focus
  • Multitasking


Keep in mind that these are only three of hundreds if not thousands of other benefits gained through learning music!


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Learning music introduces you to other musicians


Of course, one great side effect of learning music is that you will most likely build many relationships throughout the years including many instructors, professional players, and even many individuals who are learning the same or other instruments.


The music community is a quite yet united group. In most places you’ll find groups of musicians who host and attend many evens with the aim of growing the community of musicians!


This is a great opportunity for you or your kids to network and build relationships with people who have a similar interest to you, potentially building lifelong friendships!


Music increase your patience & peace of mind


Learning any piece can be extremely challenging, especially when you’re a beginner. What does this teach you? Patience…a lot of it!


Without learning to be patient, your music journey will last less than the life of a mosquito (fun fact: mosquitos only live for a day!).


On the bright side, learning to be patient has one side effect that is quite amazing, and that is the peace of mind that comes as you increase your capacity of patience.


Experience these benefits with music lessons in Adelaide


Congratulations on reading up to here! Now you must be shocked at all the different benefits music has!


If you would like to experience the delight of these benefits for yourself, we suggest that you start learning an instrument immediately! No matter your age, it is never too late to learn an instrument- so no excuses!


In all seriousness, we suggest that you book your free music lesson now before all spots are booked!


Click here to book now (we also offer online music lessons in Australia if you are not from Adelaide!)


Other than that, we’ll let you off! Thanks for reading, and as always, happy playing!

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