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Things you Should Consider When Learning Music for the First Time as an Adult

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As the saying goes, it’s never too late to start, and that’s completely true. Especially when it comes to learning music. In the world of music our vocabulary doesn’t consist of a word called too late. The beauty of music is that it can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, at any age, which is what makes it so strong at bringing us together.


Now if you’re reading this article right now, then you’ve most likely decided to take up music in your adulthood life. First of all, let’s congratulate you for making one of the best decisions of your life, and let’s also welcome you to our music academy in Australia, where music is a part of what we do and who we are.


Down to the real deal. Before you start learning music, there are some things to consider – especially if this is your first time learning music. The most important considerations which we’ll have a look at include:


  • Patience
  • Your teacher
  • Your goals and expectations
  • Practising
  • Social opportunities
  • Taking your learning further (bonus addition!)


Read along to see how we discuss each of these points in further detail, and how you can apply them to get the most out of your musical journey.


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Things to consider before learning music as an adult


Do you have the patience?


We hate to break it to you, but no one can become Beethoven overnight. Remember the first time you drove a car? You probably didn’t even have a clue how to start the damn thing! But look at you now, you probably spend a portion of your day driving on autopilot, as if it’s a natural habit.


It’s the exact same with music. It’s a slow process, however over time it starts to become easier and more enjoyable of course. Since most adults would score negatively for patience, you need to make sure you can look at the big picture and stay patient and consistent.


Choosing a teacher: be picky!


Your teacher plays an extremely significant role in how fast and well you process through your musical journey, which is why you should be significantly careful when it comes to choosing one.


Of course, if you do make a wrong decision you can always change teachers, however with a little but of initial care, you can find the teacher that will set you up for the rest of your journey!


Here are some general qualities to look for in a good music instructor:


  • A character which matches yours – how well do you get along?
  • A personalized learning approach – your teacher should customize things to how you learn best.
  • Communication and organization – Nothing is worse than a disorganized teacher! Your teacher should be in touch frequently with you, letting you know of changes and other related events, as well as being there to support you in the time between each lesson.


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Setting realistic goals and expectations


Life as an adult is quite busy, which is why sometimes your musical progress might not be as fast as you’d like it to be. In this case, the only way to save yourself from regret and disappointment is by setting realistic goals and expectations.


Have a look at your schedule, how much can you actually practise? And how far can this get you on a weekly/monthly basis? The aim is to know your capability and expect nothing above it, because doing so can turn learning music from a stepping stone to a burden.


Practising consistently


Continuing on from the last point, like most other adults you probably also have a pretty tight schedule. It’s important to know that the key to success in music is consistency. This can be 15 minutes of practise, as long as it happens every day.


Note that practising a little bit everyday is much more effective than practising for a longer period, but only once or twice a week.


Try to fit in 15-30 minutes of practise into your everyday schedule – the effect of being consistent will surprise you greatly!


Social and community opportunities


Less of a consideration and more of a benefit is the vast amount of community and social doors which open up as you learn music. You’ll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals who are interested in music.


Our music academy in Australia has a large network with hundreds of musicians all around Adelaide and Australia, welcoming you to a loving family.


Want to get more out of your learning?


By now you probably know about the most important factors to consider for a pretty smooth ride on the music train, but what if you’re looking for more?


If you’re serious about starting and accomplishing an exceptional musical journey as an adult, then Kia Music Academy is the perfect place for you! Our academy offers:


  • Face to face music lessons in Adelaide (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums)
  • Online music lessons in Australia
  • Online music worldwide – we are flexible to your time zone!


Book your introductory lesson now 100% free of charge and get started on your musical journey with the right community.

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