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Should I Learn on an Electronic or Acoustic Drum Kit

Electronic or Acoustic Drum Learning


Decided to take up some drumming lessons? First of all, let’s congratulate you on turning to one of the best instruments out there! You probably can’t wait any longer and just want to start playing the drums immediately!


But before you begin this journey, there’s one decision which you must make: Are you going to learn on an electronic or acoustic drum kit? At first, you may not even consider electronic drum kits as an option. Acoustic kits are so much cooler, aren’t they?


We won’t be answering that just yet, however what we will tell you is that electronic drum kits have many benefits of their own which you may not have known of – potentially ones that will change your mind!


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Variety of sounds


Each drum gives a unique offer when it comes to the quality and versatility of the sound. The electronic drum kit is packed with different effects and a variety of sounds which certainly will keep you busy for a long time.


Whilst this is amazingly fun and even quite useful in some cases, electronic drum kits are yet to create the authentic tone and sound of an acoustic drum kit. There’s something about the original sound and tone of the drumskin’s being hit which no one can replace…at least not yet that is!


We suggest that you try out both types of kits before buying, and of course with knowing your priorities and preferences making a choice will be a piece of cake for you.




The most obvious difference which you may have noticed is the volume difference and the volume flexibility of each type of drum set. The main reason why electric drums are so popular is how easily you can still play all in silence, with the help of only a pair of headphones.


Whilst this ability is a large benefit of the electric drum set, the sound quality of a real acoustic drum kit can never be replaced. This is an important consideration to make, since many people expect an electric drum kit to sound exactly like an authentic acoustic kit – which obviously is not the case.


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Most people worry when it comes to pricing and the difference, however in reality the price of a good drum kit would roughly be within the same range, regardless of whether it’s acoustic or electric.


Quality is the most important thing to take note of. You’d rather a more expensive kit that will last you months and years than a cheap kit which will only cause you more problems and expenses down the track…right?


In general, beginner drum sets range between $300-$800, the big price range clearly indicating the different qualities available. With electronic kits, the kits price can vary depending on how technologically advanced it is, similar to how the wood used in an acoustic kit would determine a large portion of the price.


Electric or acoustic, top quality kits can cost even up to 8 or even 10 thousand dollars!


Overall convenience


Whilst we’re a huge fan of acoustic and authentic kits, the overall convenience award does have to go to the electronic drum kit. This is especially due to a few specific reasons:


  • Control over volume – You have the freedom to practise at any time of day or night without a single noise or disruption for others.
  • Price – A decent quality electronic drum kit would cost you less than a high quality acoustic kit.
  • Portability – An electronic drum set is much easier to fold/pack, and certainly much more convenient if you do travel or if you have some gigs to go to.
  • Abilities – Electronic kits offer a wide range of technology and different options to explore and enjoy, in comparison to an acoustic kit which only puts one offer on the table.


Keep in mind that even though an acoustic set is much less “convenient” and single purpose, this can be worth it if you’re keen to invest quality, durability, and authentic drumming.


Electronic or acoustic: who is the winner?


We can conclude that each type of the kit has its own pros and cons, however the ultimate decision is up to you, and to decide wisely you have to weigh out the two options and pick the best one with consideration of your priorities.


Your drum teacher in Adelaide


Whether you do choose to go along with an electronic kit or an acoustic one, one thing you will most definitely need is a professional drum teacher in Adelaide.


Our academy offers you the guidance to grow on your drumming journey, from choosing a suitable kit to mastering every beat you’ve ever dreamed of. Our drum lessons in Adelaide are 100% customized to you, the way you learn best, and your goals.


Book a FREE introductory lesson now and let’s begin on this journey together!

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