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Learn Saxophone & Unleash Your Musical Potential

Learn Saxophone & Unleash Your Musical Potential

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For a limited time, you can try your first saxophone lesson in Adelaide for FREE! No twist added! In this lesson we’ll identify where you’re standing and go through your musical goals and how we’re going to reach them. Even if you don’t want to  learn with us, that’s fine, but don’t miss this golden oppurtunity!

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Want to master the saxophone? These are
the ONLY 3 foundations that you need

Master the saxophone in 3 simple steps

Knowing music theory is the bread of your sandwhich, it holds everything together.
No sandwhich is delicious without the tasty fillings, and no music is complete without emotion!
Enough of the sandwhich analogies…you definately need some good practise, no excuses made!

What People Say

After browsing for saxophone classes near me, I found Kia Music Academy, and it's been a great experience. The atmosphere is really welcoming, and the instructor is super passionate about saxophone and music in general. They really personalize the lessons to fit your level, which I appreciate. Plus, the community vibe among students is awesome. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve, Kia Music Academy is really worth checking out for saxophone lessons in Adelaide.
Amanda Lee
Malik Z.
Finally decided to pursue my dream of learning saxophone, and as I searched for opportunities to learn saxophone online I saw Kia Music Academy. I was impressed by the professionalism and warmth of the teacher. The curriculum is well-structured and caters to beginners like me. The online format has been very convenient for my busy schedule. I highly recommend Kia Music Academy to anyone looking to learn saxophone in a supportive and engaging environment.
Adam Cheise
Sophia Muller
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of physical in person lessons, yes we are only based in Adelaide at the moment. However, we proudly offer online lessons to anyone from anywhere in the world!
We believe in taking a tailored approach to learning, which means no one size fits all. Each person learns differently, which is why our priority is to finding your best way of learning and weaving that into our lessons. We also strive to make the class a fun and friendly enviroment, especially through building strong relationships between the teacher and the student.
Give us a quick call or email, or just simply fill out the free lesson form and we will get in touch and find the tutor closest tp you!
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Thinking of another instrument?

Kia Music Academy now offers a wide range of instruments which you can learn including guitar, drums, piano, and many others!