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Piano is a very popular instrument, and as a result that’s why there are hundreds, if not thousands of piano teachers! Basically, everyone and their dog teaches piano at this point.


That brings us to the biggest question all students have – how do you find a good piano teacher – more specifically how do you find a good piano teacher in Adelaide? We’ll be answering that in today’s article with consideration of important aspects such as the personality of the teacher, your own goals, resources and materials, and much more.


Follow along as we discover what makes a great piano teacher, and how you can find the best piano teacher for you!


What to look for in a piano teacher



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The first step before getting started is to ask yourself a quick question. What is it that I want to get out of piano lessons? The obvious answer would be the ability to play the piano of course…but a deeper answer would be looking into all the small differences that make a concert pianist and a casual piano player.


Whilst one person may just want to learn the piano for fun, another person might take their journey as seriously as becoming the best concert pianist of their city, country, or even becoming amongst the best internationally.


The best piano teacher is one who’s teaching vision aligns with your learning goals the most – one piano teacher might be looking to train students into average musicians or piano teachers whilst the other is looking to train their students into international concert pianists!


Availability of material and resources


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A very important factor which will affect you right from day one up until the rest of your journey is the availability and variety of learning material and resources provided by your piano teacher.


Unfortunately, a lot of teachers (especially older ones) are still stuck onto old methods and old learning material, which doesn’t consider years and years of new research and new learning materials which can benefit students.


Make sure that the resources used by your teacher aren’t too old and are amongst the common resources which are valid and have been approved by professionals and authorable pianists.


An example could be the AMEB recourse’s which is very standardized and updated frequently in Australia – a great choice for piano students to learn from by the way!


The personality of your potential teacher


There than the material they use, it’s important to consider the piano teacher and their personality too. After all, you’re going to be seeing this person a lot, and certainly learning a lot of things from them. This is why it’s important to look for a teacher who matches your personality and is suitable to work with in the long term.


Here are some general characteristics to look for in a good piano teacher:


  • Punctuality – coming to lessons on time or sending students out on time for your lesson to start.
  • Respect – to you personally and to your learning goals
  • Patience – nothing is worse than a teacher who gets angry when you don’t understand a concept!


Aside from these personal characteristics, a good piano teacher should also have certified qualifications, such as AMEB certificates, or a university degree which proves them academically.


Finally, the way of teaching should also be considered before getting started – do you understand when your potential teacher tries to explain something new? Do they speak clearly? Do they speak at an understandable pace and tone? There are hundreds more questions like these, but you get the concept now.


If you are looking for piano classes in Adelaide with a teacher who has all the positive values which we mentioned, try a first lesson for free with Kia Music Academy today! Click here to book your free lesson now!


Should you be worried as a beginner?


Should you be concerned about all this as a beginner who doesn’t even know the difference between the black and white keys? Of course, you shouldn’t be worried, but you should definitely take all this into consideration to, if anything more than any other pianists!


This is the perfect chance for you to start of with a top quality teacher, as keeping one good teacher from the start will make the rest of your music journey flow smoother than butter.


A good teacher will ensure you are learning to your full capacity from day one all the way up to your final piano lesson!


Adelaide piano lessons


adelaide piano lessons


If you’ve read with us up to here, you must be interested in learning more about the piano, and perhaps even signing up for some piano lessons with a teacher who fits all the best characteristics that we went over today.


If that’s your case, we want to offer you the chance to come and get to know our piano teachers in Adelaide 100% for free with an introductory trial lesson.


Click here to claim your free piano lesson now before spots are gone!


We also offer piano lessons online in Australia, with the first free lesson offer included!


We are looking forward to seeing you here! Good luck!

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