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How Personalized Drum Lessons Can Benefit Your Playing

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So, let’s say you’ve just decided that you want to begin learning the drums and get daily drum lessons. Great! First of all, congratulations for making such a great decision. Deciding to learn the drums or any other instrument in fact is amongst the best decisions that anybody can make, as music is truly food and power for the soul.


Before you put your great decision into action however, there are some things we need to tell you which will make your drumming journey a very pleasant experience.


Keep reading if you want to learn more about why personalized drum lessons are the best option for you, as well as some additional tips to help you fuel your drumming journey right from the beginning!


How personalized drum lessons can help you


Now let’s look at why you need personalized drum lessons, and how they can help you become the best musician version of yourself.


Customized learning experience


One of the best learning approaches is customized learning, suited specifically to you. The curriculum which you will be learning and the pace which you will learn it at are all solely based on you as a person and your abilities and skills.


This method is extremely successful since it successfully takes each student unique way and speed of learning and customizes a plan specifically suitable to that student; giving them the optimal outcome.


Learning what you really like


With a more personalize approach to drum lessons, you can dive deep into learning what you are really passionate about rather than what everyone else is learning based off a general curriculum.


Obviously with this being said, all beginners need a degree of the same basic knowledge to kick off their journey, however past a certain point it is completely up to you to decide what you are going to learn using the drumming skills you have acquired.


Our drum teachers in Adelaide embrace personalized learning strategies as it lets the student pursue their real musical passion, building the best outcome possible for both student and teacher.


Communication with your teacher


Through personalized drum lessons you also create a much deeper relationship with your teacher; especially when compared to group classes or online courses.


Building a relationship with your teacher alongside your learning has been proven to improve learning by up to 50%, showing that once you have a closer bond with someone you are more likely to learn what they are trying to teach you.


And what’s the best way to do this? One on one and 100% personalized lessons. Nothing is better than feeling that what you are learning has been fully customized to you and how you learn as a student and a musician.


Other tips for a successful journey


Now that we’ve discovered why personalized drum lessons are the perfect type of lessons for you and everyone else, here are some additional tips for you to use when starting off your drumming journey.


You can also read more about these tips and other ones in our article “Tips To Help You Learn How To Play An Instrument”.


Practise frequently (every day!)


The number one tip to any and every musician is to practise frequently. And frequently doesn’t mean once or twice a week, it means every single day.


The frequency of practising the drums everyday for 15 minutes is much better than practising once or twice a week for 2 or 3 hours.


The consistency and discipline of practising each day is very valuable, especially when it comes to challenging the brain and learning an instrument.


Benefit from free resources on the internet


Whilst your drum teacher will teach you all you need to know, if you are really passionate about speeding up this journey and learning as much as possible, then we suggest you also take maximum benefit of the free resources which are flooded throughout the internet.


This could be anything from a simple help sheet with rhythms to hour long YouTube videos on specific topics related to playing the drums.


A mix of help from your teacher and help from the recourse available is the perfect combination for a super-duper successful drummer!


Start your personalized drum lessons in Adelaide now!


If you are looking for a drum teacher in Adelaide with a personalized and detailed approach which we talked about today, then Kia Music Academy is the perfect place for you!


With years of experience in both playing and teaching the drums, our drum lessons in Adelaide are personalized down to the needle to exactly fit your learning needs and give you the best experience possible.


If you’re wanting to start your personalized drumming journey off right with a professional tutor, contact us now or book your free introductory lesson and kick off the journey to becoming a spectacular drummer, musician, and person.

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