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How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost In Adelaide?

Average cost of guitar lessons in Adelaide?


Guitar lessons in Adelaide usually cost anywhere between $25-$70, depending on the level of your teacher, the duration of your lesson, the location of your lesson, and whether your lesson is online or in person.


Usually, your guitar lesson can either be the duration of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes / 1 hour.


30-minute lessons cost between $25-$35.


45-minute lessons cost between $40-$50.


And finally, 60-minute lessons cost between $55-$70.


There are some exceptions, like masterclasses which can cost up to $100+ per hour, or on the other hand group lessons which can cost as low as $20 for 30 minutes.


With this being said, the location of your lesson has an impact too. This especially applies when your teacher is coming to your home, as usually a small travel fee is added on top of the lesson fee.


In-person vs online guitar lessons


In-person guitar lessons do tend to cost a little more, solely due to the higher level of attention, and detail that is involved with physical lessons. Online guitar lessons are still a great opportunity to make some progress if you are limited by location.


Read our previous article about In-person Vs Online Guitar Lessons to find out which is better for you!


Cheap and quality guitar lessons in Adelaide


At Kia Music Academy, we like to provide quality guitar lessons without breaking the bank, which is why we’ve set a reasonable guitar lesson fee of $50 per hour, $40 for 45 minutes, and $25 for 30 minutes.


Regardless of the price of our service, our tutors teach with their heart and their soul and have the primary goal of helping you get the most out of your learning.


Try a guitar lesson in Adelaide for free!


Before you worry about anything, we want to give you a small gift on behalf of our academy. We want to give you the chance to meet your teacher, play some music, and get a taste of our academy 100% for free!


No twists added, this is just a friendly opportunity for you to come and enjoy a lesson for free before we formally start.


No credit card details are required, just book here before all spots are gone!

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