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The Only Flute Class Tailored Uniquely For You!

The Only Flute Class Tailored Uniquely For You!

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For a limited time, you can try your first flute lesson in Adelaide for FREE! No twist added! In this lesson we’ll identify where you’re standing and go through your musical goals and how we’re going to reach them. Even if you don’t want to  learn with us, that’s fine, but don’t miss this golden oppurtunity!

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There is only one way to learn flute, and here is what it takes:

The only correct way to learn flute takes:

You will need a strong theoretical foundation to make the rest of your journey like a cruise.
A performance is worthless unless the performer conveys their emotions and feelings!
Like any other field of life, learning the flute requires never ending consistency and practsie

What People Say

As a mother, I wanted to give my son the opportunity to explore his passion for music, so I decided to enroll him in private flute lessons. After some research, I found Kia Music Academy, and it's been a fantastic decision. The instructor is not only skilled but also incredibly patient and nurturing, which is so important when teaching young learners. The one-on-one format of the lessons allows for personalized attention, ensuring that my son progresses at his own pace.If you're considering private flute lessons for your child, I highly recommend Kia Music Academy for their exceptional instruction and supportive environment.
Amanda Lee
Kathryn Hoffman
Recently, I was looking around for some flute lessons near me by and stumbled upon Kia Music. It's been a great experience! The instructors are really knowledgeable and friendly. They make learning the flute feel natural and fun. The classes cater to all levels, so whether you're a complete beginner or more advanced, you'll feel right at home. Plus, there's a real sense of community among the other students. Highly recommended for anyone who is serious about learning!
Adam Cheise
Nicholas n.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no specified time for our classes. Once you get in touch with a teacher, we will do our best to find a time which fits conveniently in everybody’s schedule!
Of course not! Never forget, at Kia Music Academy, the first lesson is ALWAYS free. This is a chance for us to get to know you and your goals over a cup of tea or coffee, and perhaps even play some music together!
Learning ANY instrument from a young age is a brilliant idea, especially considering that learning music takes time, which is what we as adults don’t have much of, but our kids do!
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