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An Easy Guide to Buying the Perfect Guitar

Perfect Guitar


Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth, buying a guitar always holds the same amount of excitement, and just as much confusion too! In the world of guitars, its easier than you think to get lost in the tiniest of details, from the length of the neck to the type of pickups, to the finishing…and thousands of other small details that you probably didn’t even know of!


We’ve created the ultimate guide to buying the perfect guitar in order to help you go through the process that took us weeks if not months in a matter of minutes! The modern guitarists world is all about efficiency, so if you’re serious about your guitar journey, this is the place to be!


Without further ado, let’s have a look at some things you should consider on your road to finding the perfect guitar.


Guitar sizes


The first and most important aspect to consider when it comes to buying a guitar is the size of the guitar, and of course, whether it’s the right size for you or not. Guitars come in four standard sizes:

  • ¼ size
  • ½ size
  • ¾ size
  • Full/Whole size


Guitar Size Guide


Pretty simple isn’t it? If you do happen to get lost up in trying to find the right size guitar, refer to the chart below as a rough guide (if you’re buying in a shop always ask the staff for assistance too!).


Guitar Size Height of Guitar Recommended Age
1/4 70-100cm 2-5 years
2/4 100-125cm 5-8 years
3/4 125-165cm 8-10/12 (depending on growth)
Full Size 165cm+ 12+


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Other things to consider


The looks


One factor that is of course heavily dependant on your personal preferences is the look of your guitar. With electric and acoustic guitars, you have a lot of different appearances of the same guitar to choose from, however when it comes to classical guitars your visual choices do become a little more limited.


This is mainly because most classical guitars look the same, and usually the only differentiation is the pattern around the sound hole (which by the way can have some very stunning designs).


When you do have some variety however, take your time deciding on the looks of your guitar, and be sure to get the opinion of some friends and family too!


The sound


More important than the looks, is the sound of your guitar. The best way to asses the different sounds and find your favourite one is to get live demonstrations at guitar shops you visit, or if you’re buying online have a look at some video reviews.


To get an even better idea of which guitars sound you like most, try plucking a few notes yourself! Even if you don’t know how to play, getting a feel of the sound the guitar makes when you pluck it is enough to help you pick the one that stands out to you most.


The neck


Something that is often overlooked, and most people don’t know about, especially when buying second hand, is the neck of the guitar. What do we mean by that? When buying a second hand guitar, since it’s been used before you need to make sure that the neck isn’t warped, or in other words any way out of its normal shape, which should be straight!


The best way to do this is to check to see whether the distance between the fretboard and the strings are the same everywhere on the guitar.  If this height is the same, you’re all good to go. If the strings are higher in one place and lower in another, forget the guitar because fixing a warped neck will cost you just as much as buying a brand new guitar!


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guitar neck

Some more tips & tricks


  • Don’t compromise the quality of your guitar for a lower price, it’ll cost you much more down the track.
  • Always try to stick to guitar stores or music shops, as they’re usually better than buying online.
  • Look into second hand guitars if you’re on a budget, it’s a great way to get a good quality guitar and pay much less simply due to the fact that it’s been used before!



Congratulations for reading all the way here with us. You’re now officially certified to go ahead and find the perfect guitar out there for yourself! Remember a few key points we discussed today:


  • Guitar sizes differ (use the size guide chart).
  • Find a guitar with the appearance that you like most (electric guitars have wider variety).
  • Test the sound, get a touch of the strings for yourself!
  • Make sure the neck is not warped and the distance of the string from the frets is the same all over.


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